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 Learning to operate a boat has never been easier. Visit us at Maine Boat Company in Rockland, Maine for boating courses, lessons, and certifications. Our staff has many years of combined experience on a variety of vessels all over the world and are all USCG Licensed Masters. After you’ve sharpened your skills, take advantage of our sailboats and powerboats available for rent or charter. You can also continue your adventure by joining our Boat Club.

Sailing Courses

US Sailing Logo Maine Boat Company offers sailing classes for everyone and every skill level, whether you are new to sailing or have been sailing for years. Beginning students typically start in our 20-24’ keelboats. Located on the beautiful and well protected Rockland Harbor, our facility provides a great place for new sailors to learn. As your skills advance, you can enjoy sailing in Penobscot Bay and adventure cruises along the coast and through the islands of Maine. We strive to offer a professional, safe and fun learning environment and specialize in US Sailing Certifications.

Intro to Sailing $99

Considering getting into the sport of sailing? Our Intro to Sailing is a great first step! 2 hours on beautiful Penobscot Bay will help you to determine if you want to make sailing a bigger part of your life. You will join one of Maine Boat Company’s instructors or club members on one of our boats to learn some basic sailing concepts and get a feel for the wind in your sails. 

Basic Keelboat $495

You will learn the fundamental principles of safe, confident daysailing on a keelboat ranging from 18 to 27 feet in length in light to moderate winds. Learn the basics while enjoying a beautiful day on the water.  Students will see their confidence rise from day one to that of a competent sailor by the end of the course. Sailors with prior experience may choose to challenge the certification. 16 hour course. 

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for Basic Keelboat Certification.

Basic Cruising $595

Basic Cruising Certification opens the door to an exciting new world of cruising. You will further your skills and learn to sail and operate a mid-size auxiliary cruising sailboat under sail and power during daylight hours and in sight of land. 16 hour course.

 Prerequisite: The prerequisite for Basic Cruising Certification is a US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification.

Bareboat Cruising $995

With coaching from an experienced instructor, you will gain the knowledge and skill to successfully charter boats in destinations that were only distant dreams by practicing your boat handling skills on a 30-45 foot cruising sailboat. You will learn everything from using charts and electronics to navigating and meal planning for your crew. Course begins on Friday at 1400 and ends Sunday at 1600. 2½ day course with 20 hours of instruction including an overnight trip. 

Once you’ve completed the Bareboat Cruising Course, you’ll be eligible for the International Proficiency Certificate© which will help you charter a boat in Mediterranean waters.

Prerequisite: The prerequisite for Bareboat Cruising Certification is a US Sailing Basic Cruising Certification. 

Coastal Navigation $395

The Coastal Navigation course teaches traditional navigation techniques while integrating electronic navigation tools into the navigation plan. The classroom-only course features a lively, visual format with excellent charts, illustrations and diagrams all working together to make navigation and piloting easy and understandable. This course prepares students for Coastal Cruising.

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for Coastal Navigation.

Private Instruction

$450 for 3-hour lesson (up to three people) on our boat; $300 for 3-hour lesson (up to three people) on your boat plus travel expenses; $100 each additional hour.

Powerboat Courses

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Maine Boat Company offers powerboat classes for everyone and every skill level. Whether you are new to operating a powerboat, thinking of buying one or have been crewing for years, we can help you feel more confident and comfortable operating powerboats. We strive to offer a professional, safe and fun learning environment and specialize in US Powerboating Certifications.    

Safe Powerboat Handling $495

The core of our on-the-water powerboat training program, Safe Powerboat Handling, is a 16-hour, hands-on course for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a small powerboat and improve their boat handling skills. Safe Powerboat Handling combines classroom instruction with practical training and is taught by experienced US Sailing & US Powerboating Certified Powerboat Instructors. Students will graduate from this course with the knowledge, practical experience and confidence to leave the dock and get out on the water. The US Coast Guard and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) have approved this course and an increasing number of states have recognized it as meeting their requirements for obtaining a state boating safety education certificate. Most insurance companies will also provide discounts for boat owner policies upon successful completion of course.

Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling $295

This 8- to 12-hour hands-on, on-the-water course is recommended for experienced powerboat operators or individuals with prior experience looking to challenge or refresh their practical skills. Students will be expected to study the course materials at home to challenge and pass a written exam covering equipment requirements, rules of the road, aids to navigations, preparation, environment regulations, safety and emergencies. This course focuses on the practical application of skills, consequently it is NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard or the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) as meeting requirements for a state boating safety education certificate.      

Safety & Rescue Boat Handling $295

Safety & Rescue Boat Handling is designed to empower students by familiarizing them with concepts and techniques relating to on-water rescues. Topics covered range from equipment, preparation and operator and crew responsibilities during an emergency to the practical techniques used in rescue situations. Safety and Rescue Boat Handling is recommended for regatta management personnel, sailing instructors and coaches, first responders and any individuals whose quick, appropriate emergency response may save lives and protect boats and equipment. 8 hour course.         

Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling/Safety and Rescue $495

Maine Boat Company is pleased to offer this special two-day hands-on program. On the first day, all attendees will participate in a US Powerboating Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling course where they will learn how to safely operate a powerboat or improve their on-the-water boat handling skills.

On the second day, instructors will select qualified boat handlers to participate in a US Powerboating Safety and Rescue Boat Handling course while the other students will receive additional Safe Powerboat Handling hands-on training. All participants are required to have a State Boating Safety Certificate. The course will be taught by a team of US Powerboating certified instructors.

Group Instruction

Maine Boat Company works with sailing organizations, yacht clubs, municipalities and other groups catering to specific needs utilizing their specific boats. $1500 for Safe Powerboat Handling or Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling/Safety & Rescue (up to 12 people).  Maximum 3 students per boat is recommended.

Private Instruction          

$450 for 3-hour lesson (up to three people) on our boat; $300 for 3-hour lesson (up to three people) on your boat plus travel expenses; $100 each additional hour. 

Boat Club $595/season or $495/season for Sailing Course Graduates

Join our boat club! We offer 20 memberships for use with our fleet of small sailboats. Members can take boats out 7 days a week from 1600 to dusk or whenever the boats are not being used for instruction or day rentals. 

A limited number of memberships results in better access to boats and more time to sail. You don’t need to worry about the costs or maintenance that go along with boat ownership. Just come when you can, enjoy being on the water, and leave the rest to us.